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Knitting For “That Time of Year”

As my daughter pulls out the proverbial stops, as it were, for Christmas, and though I’m a person who belongs to no religion and celebrates no religiously-themed holidays, I simply cannot disappoint my daughter and grandchildren by appearing on their doorstep … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Toward “That Time of Year”

… or “Steeling Myself for Christmas!” Raised by a fundamentalist Jehovah’s Witness, I turned my back on organized religion long ago.  To my surprise, though I raised my daughter without organized religion or any related holidays, she’s become the Martha … Continue reading

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Fibers, Part 3c: Cellulosic Fibers – LEAVES

Leaf fiber is just that: fibers from plant leaves.  Leaves are cut from the plant, and then the fiber is removed (cut, pulled, scrapped or split), from the leaf.  The commonly used leaf fibers come from abacá, sisal, henequen and … Continue reading

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