Holiday Market Treasures

Many people whose blogs I read regularly are like me:  We like to buy and use the work of artists and craftspeople – especially when they’re local.  When we lived in San Francisco, I regularly attended arts and craft fairs.  Happily, Oregon has many arts and craft fairs, and here in Eugene (Oregon), its Saturday Market’s Holiday Market (an annual event), opened last weekend.  I went to the market three times in its first two days!

AmyYarnBowlsI found something that I’d never seen before:  A connected set of yarn bowls called “Sock Yarn Bowls” by Amy the Potter!  As any knitter or crocheter will immediately recognize, these are not simply for sock AmyYarnBowls2yarn; they are perfect when knitting anything from two skeins of yarn.

MyYarnBowls2I’m currently knitting two-colored “Cameo” by Paulina Popiolek out of Cascade Yarn’s Heritage Silks (100g/400m – 3.5 oz/437y)  So of course, I just had to buy one of Amy’s “Sock Yarn Bowls.”  (It was a necessity, don’t you think?!)

AmyWithBowlMeet Amy the Potter!  As you AmyYarnBowlsRegcan see, she also makes large and lovely yarn bowls that are deep and stable – AmyYarnBowlcloseperfect for holding a large skein of heavy yarn!

If you can’t get to the Holiday Market, I encourage you to visit Amy’s studio on her Facebook or Etsy pages.  (Note:  She takes custom orders too!)

ErnestEffortsBarretsAs I walked away from Amy-the-Potter’s booth determined to leave without adding to my purchases, I passed a woman knitting behind a booth displaying the woodworking of Earnest Efforts.  After my eyes registered the knitting, they were drawn to display of beautiful handcrafted wooden barrettes that were displayed in sizes (!) from tiny to extra-large!  As someone with long, heavy hair that regularly bursts free from its restraints, I was cautiously excited to see the beautiful extra-large clasps.

EarnestEffortBarret2When the nice lady (Ellie Earnest) put down her knitting and asked if I wanted to try one, I couldn’t resist.  I selected a beautiful one made from Oregon Myrtlewood.  Ellie and her husband use sturdy French barrette claps they then screw – not glue – into the wood.

IMG_0377Success!  The barrette easily held back my hair!  This morning I quickly twisted my hair and pinned it back with the extra large Earnest Efforts barrette.  Notice it effortlessly holds back my hair and, several hours later, it is still in place! (I definitely need another one of these gems!  This is the only hair clasp I have tried that actually works without needing frequent repositioning or re-doing!)

ErnestEffortsEllieEarnestEffortsMoreDrawersMeet Ellie (a knitter!) of Earnest & Ellie Efforts!  Earnie and Ellie also make beautifully crafted ErnestEffortsDrawersstorage boxes.

I think these would be wonderful for storing fiber-related accessories (and any other treasures, for that matter!).  And yes, you can visit Earnest and Ellie Efforts at their Etsy shop!

Though I went to the Holiday Market three times during its first weekend, I know I will be going again.  🙂



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16 Responses to Holiday Market Treasures

  1. Yes indeed! It has been my favorite store in Eugene for years! I love that store!


  2. Cyndi says:

    Have you ever been to Down to Earth there in Eugene? One of my girl friends is the manager of the Willamette street store, and is always telling me about the cool things there…you might like checking it out if you haven’t yet!

    Merry Christmas (late)



  3. Yes, I always admire functional art! Today I bought a handmade wooden (maple) spatula. It’s beautiful.


  4. I went back again today, the day after Thanksgiving! 🙂


  5. kiwiyarns says:

    So many beautiful and functional objects!! I often find craft markets here don’t sell things that are actually useable (they’re usually dust collecting knick knacks). What great finds you made!


  6. Susan says:

    SO clever and colourful!! Good choices. Happy Thanksgiving!!


  7. I’ve been using mine since I got home … beautiful and handy!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I just added a picture of the clip holding up my hair. And the color of my hair changes depending on what part – seriously! Underneath I still have some blonde, but the front is pure white while the back has some silver.


  9. Yes, they are lovely, aren’t they? They also make individual storage boxes. I marveled at how well and securely the lids stayed in those!


  10. I’ll be back to your booth soon … I want another clip! 🙂


  11. I have been using my yarn bowl set since I got it home. It’s wonderful … the balls sit securely in each bowl and, when I want to go to another room or chair, no more juggling multiple balls of yarn or yarn bowls! I just grab the handle and go! 🙂


  12. Jean says:

    the sock yarn bowls look awesome! I need to get one for myself 🙂


  13. We are so very lucky to have the Eugene Saturday Market and Holiday Market! Thank you Linda, for such a fabulous post!!!


  14. All are beautiful but I am really digging those storage boxes.


  15. fabrickated says:

    And I love the wooden slides. Lovely. What colour is your hair (and can we see the barrette in it)?


  16. Beautiful goodies indeed. I adore the yarn bowls! 🙂


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