After completely rewriting the wandering, highly unnecessarily chatty twenty-five (25!) page “Wonderful Wallaby” pattern into a one (1) page Neo-Norsk pattern, I must have felt I needed more challenges.  Testing both the pattern and my rewrite, I knit three wool sweaters for the men in my life: Son-in-law H, Thor and Grandson O.  Discovering pattern inconsistencies and sloppy styling throughout (oy vey ist mir!) meant I was continually ripping out rows, restyling and editing my Neo-Norsk rewrite.  (I wasn’t a happy knitter.)  In any event …

Toggle1Toggle2Grandson O’s sweater had a hood and a placket and cried out for a closure. Dritz makes a two-piece toggle button.  It is, simply, awful: The ends of the toggle chord are wrapped in a bit of masking tape and then glued to the (faux) leather toggle base.

I knit a toggle fastener from a skein of coordinating Toggle_olitapestry wool.  (Now what little boy wouldn’t like a button made from horn?!)

Thor didn’t want a placket (no problem), but he did want a hood.  However, he has an allergic dermatitis creation to wool (as well as alpaca and llama – not to mention an anaphylactic reaction to angora, poor guy).

HoodLiningEasy resolution!  I knit a lining for the hood out of a DK weight bamboo-silk blend.  (I would have knit a lining for the cuffs but that wasn’t necessary as he always wears a long sleeve shirt.)  I stitched the lining down at the base of the hood, at the top seam of the hood and along the hood edges.  Then, using the blue wool yarn and stitching a few stitches in from the edge, I created the tube through which I ran a cord.

Son-in-law H’s sweater had a placket but no hood.  (My daughter said H is “too old to be wearing hoodies.”  🙂  I didn’t dare tell her I knit Thor a hoodie.)  I looked through books, websites and videos for ideas about toggle closures and knots.  (Here are two you might find interesting:  (1) A short “how to” on basic knit loop closures by Eunny Jang, and (2) a very detailed demonstration on making Chinese knot buttons.)

HusseinToggleAs you can see from this picture, I knit a simple toggle closure out of a two-stitch I-cords using the same yarn as the sweater.  (I wanted to try making a Chinese knot button but the yarn is was too textured to work well.)   The I-cord was too thick to work with the wood toggle button I selected for his sweater.

Hopefully there’s enough young boy left in my son-in-law to like a horn button adoring his sweater!


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20 Responses to Toggles

  1. The knitted toggle closures worked very well – and both “boys” (9 and 38 years old) loved them. (Thankfully!) >

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  2. fabrickated says:

    Well I never! I had not really considered the issue of knitted toggles, but I love the horns. They are just the perfect closure for a male, even a young one. So much nicer than a commercial wood one. Very Nordic but Nice!


  3. Oh my! Poor thing! I hope you figured out the allergy source quickly!



  4. MarlisB says:

    No. For some years she couldn’t even be in a room with those products. She’d cascade starting with hives, progressing to a whole body outbreak of eczema and finishing with asthma. Now I can knit with wool blends near her, but she can’t wear it.


  5. Thank you … persevere – you’ll get there! 🙂


  6. Thank you … once I starting exploring toggle closures, I learned a lot!


  7. Yes the purchased toggle was horrendous, but I am still stunned that Dritz would sell such a piece of junk. No serious garment maker could possibly use it!


  8. I am no longer a vegan but I must confess using buttons made from antlers gives me a bit of the willies!


  9. Oh it was a monstrosity indeed!


  10. Ahhh, poor thing. Is her reaction some sort of dermatitis so she can at least be near animal fiber? A friend of mine just gave me a pair of beautiful angora blend socks that I cannot wear because Thor can’t be in the same room as angora! Oh well, my daughter loved them! 🙂


  11. MarlisB says:

    I can commiserate. My daughter is severely allergic to lanolin. Sheeps-wool is a no no for her. We are too scared to try llama, alpaca, angora etc, since she is allergic to many other animals as well. For her I stick with acrylic, bamboo, silk, linen etc. I loved your solutions, and I think any guy would love the horn closure. Good Yule to you and yours!


  12. Susan says:

    ARGH…….that Wallaby sweater was a horror, tried it several years ago and gave up!! Now, that toggle and horn button are genius.


  13. jengolightly says:

    Beautiful work!


  14. Rebecca says:

    A toggle and re writing triumph. All folks except vegans would love and feeling grateful for a horn button…i want one right now in fact. I hadn’t’ thought about hoodies being age related. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren’t but your knitting of sweaters is wonderful. Merry Christmas.


  15. ethgran says:

    No male in his right mind wouldn’t like a horn button – except my husband, but then he isn’t in a right mind at all. He has no concept of creativity at all – totally left brained. Love your remake of the toggle – the purchased was hideous but you know that.


  16. slippedstitches says:

    That’s a lot of knitting. Love your solutions.


  17. Suzanna says:

    Your 3 solutions are all creative, stylish, and beautifully executed.

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  18. Lisa says:

    Wow your knitting is gorgeous! Some day I hope to be advanced like that! Hugz Lisa and Bear


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