An Explosion of Small Project Knitting

I, like so many knitaholics, knit year round.  When the mercury rises in the middle of the summer, I start to knit accessories (and a few sweaters that I can knit quickly) slated for autumn and winter family birthdays and as holiday presents.  The knit accessories are wonderful stash busters!

ERASE_OlihatHatBlackFirst, finding some 20+ year old machine washable Norwegian wool yarn in my stash, I pulled out my dying supplies and, sweating in a steamy kitchen, soon had four dye pots bubbling.  The yarns turned into four of Rebecca Marsh’s Pineapple Stacks hats black, blue, pink and purple.

hatpinkhatpurpleQuickly bored with making pom-poms for the tops of the gents’ hats, I topped the ladies’ hats with buttons.

I found a skein of unlabeled fiber that I remembered being a cotton blended with a dash of cashmere.  I asked Thor to tuck the skein under his cuff to see if he reacted; he did not!  So I guestimated (correctly, as it turned LarryHatout), and knit a simple tight cap.

It fits Thor perfectly, and it has become his favorite hat to wear when it’s cool but not cold.

After five hats, I turned to other small projects.

TurkishBedSockI had a couple of skeins of tightly twisted sock yarn by (Schachenmayer Regia Design Line 4-ply), so I knit a pair of Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse Classics.  The yarn, of course, wasn’t exactly soft and comfy, but I think these Turkish bed socks will be very durable.

easy-fingerless-gloves-21After Regia, I want to sink my fingers into something luxurious.  So I pulled out a lovely deep mauve of 70%/30% Merino Possum (8 ply) by Utica Yarn (100g=220m), courtesy of designer Wei Siew Leong of KiwiYarns Knits.  I liked the EasyFingerlesssimplicity (set off by a few rows of K/P ribbing), of her Easiest Wrist Warmer Gloves  so quickly knit a pair.  I tried them on and was immediately loathe to part with them.  I think they bring out the mauve in the purplish sweater I am wearing in the picture.  And the yarn feels so good.  It was with great reluctance that I took them off EileenSlippesand returned them to the gift pile.

With Merino Possum remaining in the skein, I knit a pair of matching bedroom slippers using Drops 111-29 pattern.  They too went into my gift pile with great difficulty.  The yarn is so luxurious I didn’t want to take them off my feet!


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26 Responses to An Explosion of Small Project Knitting

  1. Shawlettes go quickly … but they can be a bit boring, so be sure and use a yarn that feels good under your fingers and is of a beautiful color!


  2. Pooka says:

    Gorgeous projects! I love the Cameo. I should knit myself one. I haven’t knit myself a shawlette yet.


  3. Crooked Tracks says:

    Thanks for signing up for my blog. I am also a knitaholic so I will be visiting often – Judy


  4. I knit a lot, but then I’m retired (plus I knit quickly!). I don’t usually knit so many smaller projects, so this was a change for me. 🙂


  5. Holly says:

    I can’t believe how much you knitted and they are all so lovely. Inspiring!


  6. Tonifus says:

    Lacy wash cloths sound beautiful! I can’t wait to see them!


  7. Thank you. I’m going to knit up a couple more pairs of fingerless mittens to to coordinate with my winter hats and scarves. I wear gloves anytime the temperature drops below 55F. I guess I just got tired of wearing black leather gloves all the time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. These are beautiful, I especially like the various gloves.


  9. It was rather fun to be able to complete so many gifts and tuck them away long before gifting! (Much different than knitting only complicated sweaters!)


  10. I am going to knit up a couple of more pairs of your cabled fingerless mitts to coordinate with various winter hats! 🙂 I meant to start on a pair of possum socks 🙂 for me while I was in California, but I never seemed to have an hour to myself! 🙂


  11. Thank you … and they were well received!


  12. I once tried to work on a heavily cabled sweater while visiting a relative in the hospital. Word to the wise: Don’t try it! 🙂


  13. Thanks for reading … I was never really a small project kind of person, but they were great to knit as “fillers” or when a little project is needed for a long car trip … not to mention it worked toward clearing my stash! 🙂


  14. I still have a sweater waiting to be finished … it was “due” sometime in 2013! 🙂


  15. So did all who received a hat made from the pattern! They wore them regularly when I was there … which is always nice for the knitter to see. 🙂


  16. By the time December rolled around, I had a big basket of items ready to gift. I’m thinking about knitting up some cotton lacy wash cloths as well … I knit one years ago that is still in great shape and I use every night when I wash my face. While it’s lacy, the cotton is strong.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. They were great for stash busting … and thus leaving room to buy new yarn? Nahhh … I am really trying to work my way through my stash. 🙂


  18. Terrific projects! All of them inspire me to stash-bust… Christmas or not.


  19. Tonifus says:

    These are all fantastic! Definitely considering a lot of smaller projects to get more done after seeing this. Beautiful work!


  20. Susan says:

    Love Rebecca’s hat and YES, onward and upward for YOU!!
    the BEST of the New Year to you.


  21. bonnyknits says:

    What lucky recipients! That’s a lovely collection of knits.


  22. ethgran says:

    . . . and I’m still knitting a project meant for this Christmas. The recipient understood it would be late at least.


  23. As a fellow knit year round person I love the idea of knitting accessories. I tend to work on socks in the warmer months, but having a little gift pile come Autumn sounds like a great idea. All of the projects were gorgeous, thanks for sharing!


  24. Suzanna says:

    You make beautiful knitted items and are so prolific!
    I must confess to doing a lot of mind numbingly-tedious knitting so please, continue to include this in your blog. This type of knitting is perfect for me to keep my hands busy in the car (while a passenger) or in front of the tv, without having to watch the needles or keep checking the pattern. While these features aren’t that important when combined with tv “watching”, they are important when I’m in a moving vehicle. Looking up and down too much might have rather unpleasant consequences.


  25. kiwiyarns says:

    You have been a veritable knitting machine. All your projects look great and I am sure they were much appreciated by the recipients! I am glad you enjoyed the possum yarn.


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