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Knitters and Gifts

Most knitters (and crochers) I have known or met are very giving.  They love to knit or crochet and then gift their creations.  Too often, however, newer knitters plan grand knit gifts for their friends and families and find themselves … Continue reading

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Fana Mitts and Breads

Thor requested a pair of fingerless mitts he could wear when he played the guitar.  He asked that they be low enough so as not to interfere with strings when playing and curved to match the slope of his knuckles.   … Continue reading

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Corralling Stitch Markers

I use different markers for specific marking purposes and thus had multiple little containers of an array of stitch markers.  Of course every time I needed one, I had to root around in my knitting bag for the right little … Continue reading

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“What’s That You’re Doing?”

As I learned to knit from my Norwegian mother and grandmother, I knit (and purl) in the Continental style (Wikipedia pic source). Many times knitting quietly in a public place (e.g., park or coffee shop), in the U.S., someone comes up … Continue reading

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“Can You Make One For Me?”

  I was asked this question by a woman who came up to my table in my favorite coffee spot as I sat quietly sipping a latte and knitting.  (No, that’s not me in the black & white picture!  The … Continue reading

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