Corralling Stitch Markers

I use different markers for specific marking purposes and thus had multiple little containers of an array of stitch markers.  Of course every time I needed one, I had to root around in my knitting bag for the right little container or check bookshelves looking for an elusive package of markers.  When I couldn’t find any I’d start searching between couch cushions!  Worse, when traveling I dragged my whole knitting bag with me just to ensure I had my various notions should I need them.

SnapNGo2Then one day I popped into a weaving store and saw a neat little notions case for $5 US.  I quickly grabbed the last one (pink).   What a great SnapNGo3size – neither too large nor too small – with 6 separate compartments in 3 different sizes.  By the evening I had my stitch markers all organized.  At last!  (I just noticed there’s a pink split ring marker in with the green and orange lock markers.)  I was one contented knitter.

A few months later as my daughter and I sat companionably side-by-side knitting, she asked for a stitch marker so I passed her my pink notion case.  “Neat,” she exclaimed.  “I could use that!”  After she flew home, I tried to find this notion case locally – to no avail.  I found them, however, on Exchanging Fire website!

SnapNGoCase3Exchanging Fire carries the Snap ‘n Go Notions Case in two sizes – Jumbo & Original – and in several different colors.  I already had a pink original and realized I need (yes, needed) the jumbo in lime green.  As you can see, it’s slightly SnapNGo4thicker and larger than the original but not enough to be cumbersome.

And, of course, I ordered two more originals – one in blue for SnapNGo6my daughter and one in pink for my pink-crazy granddaughter.

I urge you to visit Exchanging Fire and check out the knitting and crocheting notions available.  (Also, be sure and take a peek at the Ruched Eye Sleep Mask pattern.  I saw it and thought “this year’s holiday gift!”)

BarnStrikkerAs an aside, my daughter has started to knit even when we’re not visiting each other.  In fact, today she told me she’s finished the body of her top-down knit sweater.  She’s waiting for my arrival (coming up quickly) so I can help her knit the arms and button bands.  Also, the last time I visited, Granddaughter F graduated from the knitting spool to knitting (Continental) on a set of needles (pic at right)!

maiden__mother__crone_by_ellenmillion-d5wffwjIn a few weeks, we, three generations of women – maiden, matron and crone – will be knitting together.   (Pic source)

(By the way, the woman on the right represents the “crone” aka me.  In fact, with the longest hair of the three of us, I frequently wear my (silver) hair just like that.  Coincidence?  🙂 )


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10 Responses to Corralling Stitch Markers

  1. I’ve always admired the “arty” markers but prefer something I won’t worry about losing! Invariably we find stitch markers all over the house!



  2. Susan says:

    Got to commend you, wise one :), using those ‘things’ to differentiate inc/dec etc. Me? I like to live dangerously haha that means the next time I do a crazy pattern I’ll be looking for something to mark with……..I see these ones with baubbles and beads hanging off of them and am convinced they’d get tangled in the knitting!


  3. For a long time I refused to use markers. My grandmother never used them, I reasoned, so I didn’t need them either. Then I discovered their utility when knitting complicated cabled projects with multiple cable panels (each of which seemed to have a different “Row1” line), and when making my own designs. Re the later, I tend not to write detailed notes, so I use markers to indicate things like decreases, increases, beginnin of shaping, etc. And I use different sized markers and different colors to indicate different things. I end up with a garment covered in markers … at that point I will fill in the huge gaps in my notes. 🙂

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  4. djdfr says:

    I have never used those nifty looking gadgets. 🙂 I just make a loop with a bit of yarn. However some of the markers are so pretty, I may be tempted.


  5. It is a great case to have!


  6. wrchili says:

    I have that pink case too! I love it!


  7. Sometimes it takes a while to “take” with our daughters, I think.nnit may have been my granddaughter and I knitting together that prompted my daughter to pick the needles back up! I will be there soon amd I can’t wait to help her finish the sweater – as you can imagine. 😄


  8. Thank you 😄 but in that group of three, the crone is me! But that also makes me the wisest!


  9. Sweet! My grand daughters are too young and though my daughter learned to knit, she didn’t seem to like it. Alas. I use tins from candies or cough drops for notions- but love the idea of seeing what’s inside!


  10. Isabel says:

    That’s so lovely to have three generations of women all knitting together. But I’m sure you’re not a crone 🙂

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