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The Pisher Paradox

I always enjoy fiber art related gatherings, yet I also get annoyed.  I came up with a name for that which has long annoyed me:  The Pisher Paradox. The Yiddish word “pisher” (פּישער) has several meanings.  I am using the … Continue reading

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It Must Be June: Black Sheep Gathering

Once again, Eugene, Oregon welcomes the annual Black Sheep Gathering (June 19-21)!  This year it boasts:  a 3,000 square foot Spinner’s Circle, a wool & mohair show/sale, goats and goat show ring, alpacas and alpaca show ring, sheep show and … Continue reading

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Yesterday, June 13, was World Wide Knit in Public Day.  Begun 10 years ago by Danielle Landes, its purpose is to help create a community of knitters by publicly introducing oneself as a knitter.  I only heard about KIP a … Continue reading

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Smelly Silk & Soda Ash (Not Smelly)

Going through my stash, I discovered two cones (each weighing over 1 lb.) of tussah silk spun at 1800 yards per pound/1646 meters per .45 kilograms.  Tussah silk, sometimes called “wild silk,” is produced by the uncultivated silk worm and … Continue reading

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Norwegian Weaving: Veskje (Threading Explanation)

Following my last blog post and with the English translation of Norwegian weaving terms I prepared, a weaver should be able to decipher the instructions below.  (Give it a try!)   Yet probably still confusing for English-speaking weavers in their first attempt … Continue reading

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