Musician’s Mitts for Bob

A performing jazzOpen Road Hands 4-3 pianist, Bob Karty recently established a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first album of all original music where he is bandleader, composer and pianist.  While familiar with Bob’s music and his attention to detail and excellence, I have been awed by his commitment to bring the same level of excellence to his Kickstarter campaign.

I urge you, especially if you are a fan of jazz, to check out Bob’s campaign.

I wanted to send Bob my own version of “words of encouragement” – in the form of something knit.  Of course, the best knit gifts are those you know the intended recipient wants.  Musician’s Mitts fit the bill!  Larry

I first designed them for Thor (pic on the right) to his exact specifications – specifications so that the mitts would not interfere with his playing.  Thor wore them one cold winter day when he was playing with Bob.  Bob tried them on and fell in love with them.  (Bob’s hands above left).

BobsMittsThor knew Bob likes blue and green, so after I spent time in a LYS texting Thor pictures of various skeins, I selected Malabrigo “Silky Merino” (50g/150y, 51% silk/49% merino) in colors #437 (Pradera) and black (#195).  Though the pattern design is the same as Thor’s Musicians Mitts, I changed the structure slightly for a pianist’s requirements.  (I think the Mitts look lovely against the just-trimmed Hydrangea bushes!)

BobHandsThe mitts arrived safely, fit perfectly (pic on left), and Bob loves them.  (Thor certainly did; he now wants another pair of Musician’s Mitts in these colors but with a slightly different design!  I think they will be his fifth or sixth pair of Musician’s Mitts.  Is Thor spoiled or what?! 🙂 )

My best wishes for a successful campaign, Bob!


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6 Responses to Musician’s Mitts for Bob

  1. Susan says:

    What a good job you did!!! I hate reinventing the wheel…making patterns…but you are GOOD!


  2. Thank you. Perhaps a bit like – in size – to the garter stitch mitts you designed? (I made a pair as an Xmas gift that the recipient loves!)


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  3. kiwiyarns says:

    They look great!! I like that type of mitten to keep my hands warm if the house is cold and I’m working on the laptop – I can understand why they are favoured, especially when they look as amazing as yours.


  4. The mitts. I haven’t listened to Bob’s music yet, but I plan to as soon as I catch up on my blog reading.


  5. Bob’s music or my Musician’s Mitts?! 😀



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