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Poncho Pattern Problems

Thinking of the ponchos so in vogue in the late ’60s and early ’70s (what my parents called “hippie garb”), I wasn’t particularly excited to learn that ponchos were again “in.”  (This picture [source] may bring back memories for some … Continue reading

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Thin-Skinned Knitters

No, no … the title does not refer to knitters who can’t handle criticism!  Rather:  How do knitters cope with thin skin on their fingers? According to the Mayo Clinic: Fragile or thin skin that tears easily is a common … Continue reading

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Where Do Your WIPs Live?

Perhaps because I routinely have multiple WIPs at any one time, my WIPs are scattered in an array of containers – a cloth basket hung on a wooden frame I bought 20 years ago (similar to the one on the … Continue reading

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Guerrillas or Rogues?

Recently two friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, neither of whom is a knitter or crocheter, emailed me news items about yarn bombers.  One article was recent and looked at yarn bombers in Scotland; the other article was a … Continue reading

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