Mormors Klem/Grandma’s Hug

When Thor and I went to my daughter’s house for for Thanksgiving, I brought the two gifts I made for the grandchildren:  a mitered square afghan for Grandson O and a granny square afghan for Granddaughter F.  As I gave them their blankets, I said that that as I couldn’t tuck them into bed each night to think of their blanket as Mormors Klem (Grandma’s Hug).

Last night my daughter told me that each night when she tucks each child into bed, she tucks the blanket around them as a “klem fra Mormor” (hug from grandma).  The grandchildren love that, and my daughter thinks they are the sweetest gifts I’ve made the children.

I think every knitter, crocheter and weaver hopes that her/his hand creations will be treasured by their recipient.  These afghans, it seems, hit that mark.

What treasures that you’ve made for loved ones have “hit that mark?!”





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16 Responses to Mormors Klem/Grandma’s Hug

  1. Rebecca says:

    Well now, that is a compliment. It sounds like you made him the PERFECT sweater. The challenge will be to replicate it till he is 25!


  2. It would thrill me too! Sounds as though the boy is a young man who knows what he wants/needs! Visiting the grandkids last month I saw that both of them wore the wool sweaters I made them last year, though only when the temperature dipped down toward freezing. (I think there has to be actual snow on the ground before they wear anything warmer!) They both have probably no more than another 6-8 before they’ve outgrown the sweater, and my grandson told me he would like another sweater, exactly the same pattern and same yarn. 🙂



  3. Rebecca says:

    I knit my son a reading shawl, his request last Christmas. He loves it and wraps himself up for movies or winter nights. It thrills me every time.


  4. myraho78 says:

    You really hit that mark! Your recipient treasured the gift. You treasure your recipient! What a sweet story!


  5. Allison says:

    What lucky little ones! My best gift was the handspun and knitted hat I made for my husband out of wool and cat hair, as part of a joke that his cat shed enough hair to knit into a sweater! He adores it, and has asked me for another hat that he isn’t so worried about losing.


  6. Thank you, Sweaty Knitter


  7. Ahhh, grandmothers can be so special, can’t they?!


  8. What a lovely story and book! I’m sure your daughter will treasure it always!

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  9. I knit them each a beautiful lace-patterned wool blanket (identical blankets, same wool, different colors). But about a year ago my daughter folded them and “put away for safekeeping.” So now they have new ones (bigger too!). How interesting that your younger child is particular about the purl side touching her! Clearly a girl who knows what she likes1


  10. I LOVE this… I have a hand sewn blanket from my grandmother, and I use it every day!


  11. polwygle says:

    Your little grandchildren will likely love them for longer than you could ever imagine. Yes, both my girls have blankets they cherish since birth. My mum crocheted one for my older daughter (now 3.5), and she has to have it by her side all day and night long. My younger one (2) inherited a knitted stole I half completed, and is so particular about having the purl-side touching her at night. I’m so thankful for machine washable wool!


  12. That is a great story. Here is a treasure that still hits the mark:


  13. Thank you. I hope they will always treasure them, though I am sure I will need to make them each a bigger one when they are teenagers. (Maybe I’ll weave those!)

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  14. Marilyn F. - Russian River, CA says:

    What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like your blankets will be treasured for years to come.


  15. I was going to make aprons for xmas this year but will have to wait unt


  16. Susan says:

    Oh that is just the best thing I have heard in a long time. Thank you. I used to make aprons for every holiday till my daughter yelled ‘Uncle’ haha there were 4 girls. LOTS of aprons!


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