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A Find: Swedish Rug Yarn

We’ll be moving into our new house in a few months, so I really shouldn’t be adding to my stash.  That’s especially true considering I recently added punch needle rug making to my fiber arts repertoire thinking it would be … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Many people who blog about their forays into fiber arts and crafts are motivated by an attempt to “get back to” the basics:  making their own clothes, reducing their corporate-created consumption footprint and eschewing the fast fashion industry.  For related … Continue reading

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Finding Treasures

I enjoy roaming the aisles of used book stores.  Over the years I have found some amazing books for very little money.  Recently I came across a 1956 edition of A Handweaver’s Workbook by Heather G. Thorpe (originally published 1936, … Continue reading

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Spending on Clothes

I have written before about “fast fashion” and its costs. Today I mull over how much Americans spend on their clothes. My American father was raised during the Great Depression by a single father, a man who had been on … Continue reading

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Another Devotion?

Perhaps “addiction” or “obsession” rather than “devotion” would be more appropriate in this post’s title!  While I planned on filling our new house with hand made rugs, since meeting Una Walker of Wooly Walkers on the first day of at … Continue reading

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