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Knitting & Baking

While I have been knitting a lot (!) over the last couple of weeks, I have become near obsessed with baking – most especially bread.  On my last birthday Thor gave me a Panasonic bread machine.  I love love love it; it … Continue reading

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Too Hot to Knit …

The Willamette Valley here in Oregon experienced an unusually warm July.  (This part of the valley generally gets some warm weeks scattered through the summer, but not a month straight!)  The heat has discouraged me from knitting much – nothing … Continue reading

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Easy to Make Your Own

In the stores around the holiday season, I notice towers of pumpkin pie filling – ready to be poured into a frozen pie crust (in another aisle).  Voila – a homemade pie!  Hmmm … not really.  To make a pumpkin … Continue reading

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Distracting Farmers Markets

As of today, we’ve been living just outside Portland, Oregon, for four weeks.  I’ve done some knitting but not as much as I should given my queue.  The produce at local farmers’ markets is distracting me! This wooden bowl holds … Continue reading

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I can’t think of summer without remembering all those hours and hours in my childhood picking, washing, sorting and canning fruits. Clearly old habits are hard to break. 🙂 This pictures what I did over the last two days: three … Continue reading

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Mormors Oppskriver (Grandmother’s Recipes/Patterns)

Oppskriver translates to recipes or patterns. I’ve blogged about her patterns; now I’m blogging about recipes. Sort of. After my grandmother died, I received her handwritten cookbook, one that she started in 1926. When I held it in my hands … Continue reading

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Mandelbread (postscript)

Given the enthusiastic descent on the cookies I just witnessed, I don’t think anyone noticed the addition of whole wheat – nor the blueberries, for that matter – in Mrs. Moskowitz’s Mandelbread.  🙂 Here’s a pic of the newly dyed fingerless … Continue reading

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